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Photo listing : cycleways (problem)

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This listing only shows photos within Glasgow.
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The new cycle track connecting the Tradeston Bridge to West Street. The route to the right is only for going to Paisley Road now, since the diagonal crossing at the Kingston Street junction has been removed and mandatory turn signs point to ... [more]

The cycle traffic signals for the Bunhouse Road/Argyle Street crossing still await commissioning.

No clearance of any of the muck covering up part of the NCN7 path next to the Clydeside Expressway.

Slow for the incorrect tactile paving and portaloo.

Unusably bad soft segregation has been put in on Argyle Street for the COP26 diversion route, and is dangerous for various reasons, including lorry parking right up to the pedestrian crossing point blocking sight lines. See also #175137.

The path over the River Kelvin bridge is very narrow, so having this fence block sightlines onto it until the last moment before knowing whether the way is clear or not is rather unhelpful. #102680 illustrates the width. With the gate left ... [more]

"Doom awaits" - a fence blocking sightlines onto the narrow path across the River Kelvin expressway bridge. No such problems for drivers on the adjacent road. See also #175173.

The soft segregation for the COP26 diversion route does not extend as far as the Castlebank Street junction, even though Beith Street is a very wide road for a one lane each way road. Cyclists are diverted back onto the narrow footway to ge ... [more]

The ramps at the soft segregation provided for the COP26 diversion are tiny, and completely unusable should anyone turn up on anything other than a standard solo bicycle.

The soft segregation for the COP26 diversion on Beith Street does not even extend to the Benalder Street junction. It, like the similar work on Argyle Street, is done to a poor standard and provides a narrow space for cycling alongside the ... [more]

Very poor soft segregation on Argyle Street for the COP26 diversion route.

Soft segregation has been put in on Argyle Street for the COP26 diversion route, but is of such poor quality that it is worse than useless. See also #175139.

Unswept cycleway in Archerhill Road.

Burnt out debris at the junction of paths between Kendoon Avenue and Inchfad Drive, signed as a cycle path.

The Drumchapel Way path is becoming increasingly blocked by overgrowing bushes, in addition to the surface deteriorating.

Low overhanging tree branches all along this section of path next to the Clydeside Expressway, restricting visibility and the ability to use the full width of the path.

Sign needed at south side of crossing to direct people to go east for National Route 7 and Pollock Park. We went the wrong way due to this lack of info,

Clear signs on this side of the road needed to direct people on cycles over to the Anderston Bridge cycle path. Not clear to people new to the route off the train from London.

NCN7 alongside the Clydeside Expressway, with the right-hand verge encroaching onto the path.

Tree roots damaging the surface of NCN7.

Tree roots damaging the surface of NCN7.

The toucan crossing across Castlebank Street at the Glasgow Harbour development is missing its red man and green cycle lights. The road surface is also badly worn.

Not as bad as #173674, but all the signs that this will be yet another unpleasant autumn and winter for users of the cycle off-slip from Balshagray Avenue.

In need of some basic maintenance, overhanging branches and unswept surface on the cycle off-slip from Balshagray Avenue.

Tree root damage left unattended to when work has been done to install a new access point at the roundabout.

A new cycle access point to the NCN7 path at the Beith Street/Rosevale Street roundabout, but nothing done to rectify the adjacent tree root damage.

A "Happy Way", but the bushes are taking nearly half the width of the path.

Subsidence on the Nicholson Street cycle track.

Subsiding pedestrian crossing tactiles at toucan crossing in Dyke Road.

The standard of construction of this riverside path appears to be very poor. A hole has opened up at the edge here, and both sets of steps have been fenced off. The kerb at the back of the path is set very high.

The Drumchapel Way path surface is poor.

The path does not have a proper built surface.

The end of the two-way pop-up cycle lane on Royston Road. It just ends.

Two-way pop-up cycle lane on Royston Road, at a bus stop boarder. Again, mud has accumulated at the bottom of the ramp, due to water running down the hill.

Two-way pop-up cycle lane on Royston Road. Each build-out across the cycle lane on the hill has attracted accumulations of mud and other debris. Unlike the bus boarders, there was no indication of priority for pedestrians crossing the cycle ... [more]

Two-way pop-up cycle lane on Royston Road, with a bus stop boarder. Again, the ramps are sharp and slowing down is good advice. The tactiles are of the correct type.

More debris collecting around the bus stop boarder, but correct cycleway tactiles, on Royston Road.

Some sort of pipe dangling from the road bridge over the River Kelvin and NCN7.

The footway is meant to be shared-use, but is not signed as such, and is covered in debris from the disintegrating road surface. This provides a cycle route between the Clyde Tunnel and some entrances to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Guidance Path tactiles installed just a few metres away from the correct Cycleway type.

A poor surface on the path the Glasgow to Cumbernauld cycle route is signed along in Glenconner Park. With a little bit of work it could even be quite nice, although the person cycling along the footway of Royston Road in the background wou ... [more]

As with #169532, the first opportunity to leave the presumably shared footway (there are no signs to confirm this) is beyond the roundabout where a dropped kerb crossing has been provided.

The first opportunity to leave the presumably shared footway from the toucan crossings at the motorway junction is up beyond the roundabout at the housing on the left (see #169533).

Although the main towpath has been resurfaced, nothing has been done about the poor connection from the towpath to the path to Vaila Street. In addition to local access, this is important for making connections between the canal and Summers ... [more]

Flooding across the West City Way in Kelvingrove Park. Not as deep as the previous time I went through it.

The person seen in #168687 gets frustrated at the lack of green signal on the cycle track and moves into the main carriageway to cross St Vincent Street legally on the Elderslie Street green.

Lack of cycle priority at cycle traffic signals on Elderslie Street. This person was already waiting as I arrived, when traffic on St Vincent Street had the green. See also #168688.

Bollard down in Yoker.

That moment when you stop to take a photo and there's a cyclist approaching on the narrow shared footway and a bus approaching on the adjacent busway, before there's time to get the camera ready. All I could do was to move into the side.

Transition between segregated paths and shared footway, with incorrect corduroy tactile paving.

Drainage problem on the Shields Road cycle track.

The final section of the link between Stockwell Place and Dunlop Street, where it crosses between the westbound and eastbound sections of Howard Street to access Dunlop Street, isn't marked in any way. The kerbs are are not well aligned eit ... [more]

The cycle track linking Stockwell Place to Dunlop Street, providing an alternative route for a banned turn from Stockwell Street into Clyde Street, and a local link between parts of Howard Street and Dunlop Street. The green surface is b ... [more]

Nothing has been done to maintain or upgrade the Stockwell Place to Dunlop Street cycle track. This appeared in plans following an objection to a proposed banned turn from Stockwell Street into Clyde Street, but no supporting signage was ev ... [more]

Drainage problems on pop-up cycle lane oon Bilsland Drive.

Dislodged armadillos on Bilsland Drive pop-up cycle lane.

Bumpy path at the riverside.

Ponding and tree root damage on the rebuilt section of canal path at Blairdardie.

Collapsing and muddy tactile paving at the M8 on-slip toucan crossing at Craighall Road.

Poor lumpy asphalt surface on bridge over Forth & Clyde Canal.

The Kelso Street cycle lane directs cyclists to use a narrow path of paving slabs, with hoop barriers at the end. Sightlines on the corner are not great either.

The new cycle track along Old Dumbarton Road. In addition to the top surface (in the foreground) not being machine laid, the tactiles are incorrect Corduroy/Hazard type and not the Tramlines/Cycleway type. Being at the foot of a hill, these ... [more]

Dislodged armadillos sitting in the gutter along with the leaves.

Ban all non blue badge vehicles from the park again. Too many cars, making it unpleasant for the now increased numbers of walkers and cyclists.

The dropped kerbs either side of the road closure on Morven Street don't align. I noticed this too late and came straight off of the high kerb. See #152275.

This looked like a good cycle exemption from a road closure, but the dropped kerbs on each side of the strip don't align. See #152276.

Scotrail please allow off peak trains to take tandems from Glasgow to Ardrossan Harbour, Gourock and Wymess Bay so disabled riders and their abled bodied partners are not distriminated against and can reach the islands.

When the 153 bike and bag cars are added to the trains please can tandems be allowed to enable disabled people and their partners to reach the highlands. Unable to get to Fort Willam by train currently as Scotrail ban tandems and therefore ... [more]

Please can Scotrail change their anti Tandem policies and allow them on the Inter7City trains which LNER did with exactly the same trains. Discriminates against disabled riders who have to ride with a partner.

Firstly well done for putting the cycle lane up the middle of Belgrave Gate after the flyover. This was a no brainer and has made my cycle commute much safer. A slight improvement would be an access ramp slip way (with small speed bumps to ... [more]

The road is so busy with cars and many buses and there is no cycle path. I have seen 2 cyclists hit by cars in this area in the past month.

High traffic congestion, road space taken up by parked cars, no space for safe cycling. Remove permission to park alongside the road and convert the space into a well-spaced cycling lane.

Messy obstructed cycleway on Douglas Street, with a totally inappropriate surface. Just like the one on Waterloo Street to the left (see #95475 and #95476).

There is a gap in cycle provision here between Aikenhead Rd and Gorbals St. Traffic can be very heavy and cars race from one red light to the next. I am an experienced cyclist and find this short stretch of road intimidating. Ideally a seg ... [more]

The ramp at Glendinning Road is still steep and poorly surfaced. There's plenty of room here for a decent ramp to be built.

The cycle paths here are not fit for purpose. There are always cars parked in them, there needs to be stricter enforcement to prevent this. The cycle paths also need to be wider and to be resurfaced.

Better lighting for winter commute and safety.

Make Lee Street circle 2 way for bikes all the way round, it's a handy short cut to the back of Wilko now that Charles St is a bus trough, but there's no way to do it without going against one way at least once.

This is a choke area, especially around the entrance and exit to the station. Also, novice cyclists are using this relatively narrow footpath, instead of using the road, even when safe to do so. The is an additional issue that whenever ther ... [more]

Unclear priorities for buses and cyclists in bus lane merging with general lane. Narrow footpaths cannot be shared by pedestrians and cyclists. Unpleasant for pedestrians in any case as you have to walk very close to sometimes fast traffic. ... [more]

The shared use footpath on the side of the road narrows at bus stops (the very place bus users quite naturally congregate!) making social distancing of pedestrians and cyclist impossible even if just passing, let alone if people waiting for ... [more]

Segregated cylecway on the Switchback Road between The Garscube Estate and Old Crow Road. There is nearly a safe-feeling north-south route for walking and cycling between Anniesland High St, Anniesland station, Morrisons etc to the south, a ... [more]

Make junction safer for all users by widening pedestrian pavements and installing a cycle lane that would enable to get around this junction safely in all directions.

A cycle path along Maryhill road and continuing onto Garscube Road would be brilliant. There are a lot of cyclists that end up cycling on the road and not the canal due to high number of walkers on the canal.

All the way along Alexandra Parade and A8 the inside lanes are littered with large potholes due to bus and traffic use. This needs better maintenace

This road is always prone to poor drainage and water runoff from adjacent land and is dangerous during winter months

Cycle way needed

The need for a ramp down to the cycleway as there are only steps here and requires a dismount whilst walking past other pedestrians.

Large strtetches of the cycleway/footpath from Glasgow to Kirkintilloch are very poor with potholes. This can be dangerous when trying to avoid when people are coming in opposite directions.

A cycle way on Dorchester Avenue would safely connect all the families living on the street or near by to the canal cycle path. It's such a busy road with loads of fast cars now that the road is a little less busy. Also the pavement is narr ... [more]

A82 is wide enough for cycleway along its entire length to Bowling. This would encourage cyclists to commute safely and quickly to Glasgow

Clearer road markings required for all traffic (cyclists, buses and cars) due to traffic flowing East from Maryhill Rd onto Garscube Rd or veering right to continue along Maryhill Rd. Difficult for any road user coming from inside lane wish ... [more]

Impossible to use this pavement cycleway when pedestrians are present i.e. always

This is a cycle route but often impossible to use as the path is narrow and people with prams/kids are there. The cycle path should be expanded or ideally re-routed.

Eastbound here there is no protection for cyclists. If the pavement is supposed to be used it should be signed.

Cycleways needed to provide better links to and from the east end and city centre.

Cycleways are stop and start and there needs to be more linking infrastructure.

The cycle path ends where Aikenhead Road meets Cathcart Road. This can be improved by extending the cycle path over the bridge across the M74 to join the cycle path on Pollokshaws Road at Cumberland Street.

This stretch of road is in poor condition in the bus lanes where cyclists travel. Improvements needed and designated space to link the east end with the city centre, schools and workplaces.

This section of cumbernauld road is busy with pedestrians and cars and cyclists need safe, segregated space to link the east end with the river/south and city centre.

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